• Overcoming COVID-19 together. We will ensure support and care for families whose incomes have been hurt
  • Enabling our seniors to live healthy and active lives. We will expand care in the community and support for family caregivers
  • Helping our middle-aged and mature Singaporeans to have good jobs as we emerge from the current crisis, and to be optimistic about the future
  • Ensuring affordable and high quality childcare, near to homes
  • Creating opportunities for our youth to achieve their aspirations and play their part to improve Singapore 
  • Helping people who are disadvantaged, or with disabilities, so that we leave no Singaporean behind
  • Continuing to improve our neighbourhood facilities and older homes, enhance sports facilities, and expand our network of paths to ensure safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Creating a beautiful and green Jurong. We will have many community spaces for residents to do their own gardening, close to home. We will also encourage recycling and sustainable choices to protect our environment
  • Giving everyone respect. We will build a strong community: where people value each other regardless of their backgrounds, a home where we live and work together in harmony

Our fellow Singaporeans,

Our PAP team has been with you for many years in Jurong. We sincerely hope that
we can continue to serve you, and work with you to make our community better for everyone.

Our style is to be on the ground continuously, several times every week, listening to your views and needs. Through our visits to your homes, meeting you in the markets and coffee-shops, or at our Meet-the-People Sessions. We try to help on every issue, big or small. We never walk away from a problem.

During the COVID-19 circuit breaker, we have actively reached out to residents in need by phone, e-mail and other ways, and mobilised our community networks. We have worked hard to support those whose incomes have been hit, disadvantaged children, and senior citizens living on their own.

Our PAP team in Jurong GRC is experienced and multi-racial. Senior Minister Tharman has served in Jurong for almost 20 years. As one of Singapore’s senior leaders, he has been working especially to strengthen social support
for Singaporeans. Senior Parliamentary Secretary Dr Tan Wu Meng and Mdm Rahayu Mahzam have been serving over the last five years. Joining us are Mr Huang Wei Zhong Shawn, a dedicated community volunteer and former RSAF commander, and Mr Xie Yao Quan, Head of Healthcare Redesign at Alexandra Hospital, who has also been actively serving the community.

We each have different life experiences. We will work closely as a team, so that we combine our strengths.

We thank Minister Desmond Lee and Mr Ang Wei Neng, who have worked hard since 2011 to serve residents’ needs and build strong neighbourhood  paper writing help spirit. They will be contributing elsewhere, but we will always regard them as part of our Jurong family.

We have gone through good times and bad as Singaporeans. We have come far together. But there is still more to be done, to make sure that every Singaporean has a good future. PM Lee Hsien Loong and his whole team are working hard to build a fair, inclusive and sustainable Singapore. We will overcome COVID-19 together, and make Singapore even better in future.

We will serve you with full effort and full heart.
That’s our promise to you.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam
Dr. Tan Wu Meng
Rahayu Mahzam
Huang Wei Zhong Shawn
Xie Yao Quan


We must never stop in our efforts to make Singapore better, for every citizen

We believe this requires good government policies complemented by strong community initiatives.

We strengthened many of our schemes during COVID-19, and will continue with several of these initiatives in Jurong GRC even after the pandemic.
We will work closely with government agencies, volunteer organisations, employers, our many committed volunteers and all our residents,
to build a strong and compassionate community.

Looking after
our seniors well.
They helped build and transform Singapore

Supporting our
older workers


in Need

our homes
and neighbourhoods

Making Jurong
a beautiful,
model green

Continued improvements in transport

COVID-19 and Strengthening
our Community